This article discusses the importance of interconnectivity via the internet. It also talks about the lack of knowledge or awareness of some people of the technological advances and the benefits they can bring. Finally, it mentions some examples of the benefits that can be derived from using the internet in various industries.

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Here are the basic facts: 1) The internet is a very useful tool; 2) Human activities will eventually highly rely on the internet; 3) Only a few can highly maximize the functionality of the internet; and 4) A lot of people are still not knowledgeable or even aware about the use of the internet. Just to show a specific example of these ideas, here are some real, current situations.
Just recently, a high school institution in a rural area of the Philippines have requested some funding to buy some computer units to teach their students to use the internet. The vision of this project is to eventually conduct examinations between teachers and students as well as submissions of reports or any other form of written materials using the internet alone. This, they say, is one good way of supporting the environment as well since it will help lessen the use of paper which mainly come from trees. The amount of garbage will also decrease because 60% to 80% of the daily waste is actually composed of paper.
The industry of website making and every other necessary process involved in running a website is further developing and increasing in profitability. This is because most businesses already demand to have, not just one, but several websites to promote their commodities online. Most businessmen realize the greater benefit of being part of the global market and one excellent way of participating in this is by managing one’s own website/s.
Obviously, the trend and demand of the society is already moving toward interconnectivity using the internet. As already mentioned in the previous examples, this movement or development can actually be very beneficial to a lot of people. Going back to one of the basic facts, however, not everyone can maximize these benefits. Some may not even be aware and knowledgeable about this. It is like an unrefined diamond, a treasure only if it was developed well. Most people might not realize this, but it is really unfortunate not to be able to realize such an important and great potential.
Eventually, if the ideal vision of the future may be true, people will no longer need to unnecessarily go out of their houses just to go visit the doctor for a check-up or prescriptions or go to pharmacies to purchase medicines. As a matter of fact, it is already happening right now. However, most who have access to these services are those that reside in western countries. Hopefully, this development may spread throughout the globe the soonest possible time so that majority of the people, regardless of race, religion, and financial capability, can immediately enjoy its advantages and benefits.