Powerful high-tech equipment with many uses is the mining laser. It may be used as a weapon, a powerful AoE block remover, and an insta-mining tool with relatively minimal EU consumption. With the exception of blocks like Glass or Leaves, which are non-droppable, all blocks destroyed by the Laser are dropped. The block might be destroyed without dropping anything, though, given the Laser’s destructive nature. Machine blocks are dropped by IndustrialCraft machines in the same way that a pickaxe would demolish them. The Mining Laser, a Tier 3 tool, may draw power from an Energypack.

The number of shots of each type that can be fired is determined by the Mining Laser’s storage capacity of 300,000 EU. The specific block’s hardness affects the block penetration distance. This graph bases the block penetration on dirt and slick stone. The radius of the explosion is indicated by the penetration radius for explosive shots.

Additionally, Endermen and other neutral monsters won’t get more hostile if you shoot them with explosives. Only when using the explosion to attack the crowd as opposed to the laser directly does this occur. Most likely, this is a bug.

It should be mentioned that the Mining Laser can mine quicker than a diamond drill while using half as much energy in Low-Focus mode! HAYO!

Note: In version 1.64, the horizontal mode mining laser occasionally fails to fire. It regains functionality when switched to a different mode.

In 1.90, Super-Heat mode was introduced.

A glass or smooth stone block will be substituted for a sand or cobble block if a super-heat laser is fired on the original block. The beam is immediately terminated by doing this.

The block will drop as if it were mined with a silk touch-enchanted tool when a super-heat laser is directed at a block like smoothstone, where the “regular” drop can be smelted into the block itself.

Four brick things will fall from a clay block once it is hit by a super-heat laser.

Only an MFE Unit or an MFS Unit may be used to charge this tool.

If you have enough energy for a shot inside the laser’s internal storage, you can fire it while wearing a charged Energypack, or you can switch the firing mode to charge it instantly.