This article was originally written by Kerry Emrich

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The formula for complete success is to combine many different parts into one masterpiece.
Getting adequate rest each day, it is said that the man who can take rest is greater than the man who can take a city. Get the rest, meditation, relaxation that your body needs to function at its peak and further enhance your energy you can devote to your business, career, health, relationships, and love.
Get yourself a hobby anything that takes your mind off the world for a while will help increase your love of life and help you relax, eliminate stress, and enjoy peace. It can be something as simple as gardening, reading, cooking, or looking at the stars.
Stop using your cell phone, try to get out of the house, or the office more and actually visit your family, lover, or clients. This not only provides a change of scenery, but can be like a mini vacation or holiday in you hectic day. Your fears and phobia are less likely to popup when you are feeling relaxed.
Take up meditation, yoga, stretching, or other mind and spirit expanding mental exercise. Anything from Buddhism to simple prayer helps to remove the anxiety, and stress associated with daily life. Studies have shown that a person who meditates daily can lower the risk of ulcers, cancer, heart attacks, mental illness and more. This is in addition to increasing the function of the immune system which when strengthened can play a vital role in protecting the body from harmful things such as pollution, and may even play a role in protecting you from things like lung cancer, impotence, and lack of physical energy. For stress relief ideas I like to go to
Act happy, feel happy, be happy. When you try to focus on the positive things in life you start to see more positive things. Life is more like a cake than a bowl of cherries, each piece of it builds on each other to support you, but you need to choose the right ingredients to put in your body. When times get tough, it is this cake composed of all that is you that supports you throughout the day. The annoying parts of your day become less stressful, you know, demands from your boss, spam, family matters, car loans, credit cards, mortgage, taxes, car loans, and so on.
Avoid putting junk into your system. The body requires a constant supply of nutrition, but the quality of what goes in equals the quality of what comes out. Constantly drinking alcohol, or taking prescription drugs is a quick path to drug rehab, or an amazing Medicare funded stay at a residential drug treatment center. Tobacco, fatty foods, cocaine, donuts, you know what I am talking about. Stay away from this and your body will thank you.
Your mind is like a web site, choose the right keywords, the right colors, the right autoresponder, the right marketing, the right articles, the right diet of information, and you will be successful, but choose poorly and you will be stuck in the Google sandbox of life.