This article discusses the debilitating effects of impotence or erectile dysfunction among men and the people involved with them. It also discusses the different ways of dealing with impotence when placed in this situation. Finally, this article provides some suggestions on how to keep a strong relationship despite having this issue.

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What does impotence look like from a woman’s perspective? Most people think that since only men are affected by erectile dysfunction, they are the only ones that suffer from it. Unlike what most people think, erectile dysfunction does not only concern men but their partners as well. Erection is primary related to sexual intercourse. It is one of the most important processes involved that highly defines what sex is. It is often perceived that without erection sexual intercourse is not possible. This happening, the lack, absence or failure of having sexual intercourse, is highly related to bigger problems that surround the issue of erectile dysfunction among men. Since it takes a man and his partner to accomplish an act such as sex, when this cannot be done anymore due to some particular reason, both the individuals involved are affected by the dysfunction. Thus, it is also necessary to know how impotence is viewed by the partners of those who experience it, all of whom are women.
Women who have been with men who are impotent had made several observations of the changes that occurred from their partners, themselves, and their relationships. These changes tend to be more on the negative side such as lack of intimacy, insecurities of men, and loss of interest of women. Because of these changes and because of situations such as limitations in communicating the needs and thoughts of one another, the relationship eventually breaks down until it is no longer possible to unrepairable extent. When the first signs of problems concerning sexual intercourse happen due to erectile dysfunction, both persons tend to keep quiet about it, ignore the issue, and refuse to talk to each other anymore later on. This continuously happens until the gap between the two individuals become worse until they eventually decide to separate to do themselves a favor.
To avoid reaching this point in a relationship, matters or issues as important as impotence or difficulties experienced during sexual intercourse should be discussed openly without fear of rejection or mockery. This is the main reason why most men are afraid of telling their partners, because they fear they might be rejected right after. Most men are pressured by the fact that they cannot respond adequately to the demands of their partners and because of this they tend to withdraw from intimate moments or activities. The perceived change in preference of men may, on the other hand, cause women to pretend to have lost interest on the act as well. However, the real problem is not at all discussed and is just merely being covered or ignored deliberately. The inability to get to the root of the problem simply prolongs and worsens the situation and takes a toll on the relationship itself in the long run.
The best thing to do, then, is to be open about everything, especially difficulties in getting an erection, to your partner. More or less, a woman that’s truly committed to her partner is bound to understand and be supportive. Talking about the expectations and preferences of each other will greatly help as well. This makes the task easier for each other when it comes to determining one another’s desires and responding to it. It is also necessary that women understand impotence as a health problem, how it can be treated, and how they may be able to help their partner recover. When recovery is no longer an option, this is when communication is more important than ever. Men, when placed in this kind of situation, will often feel hopeless and useless, thus it is important for them to be reassured. The fact that they can feel their partners standing by beside them despite the entire ordeal is already enough sign of unwavering support.