This article was originally written by Alfred Jones

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As some of you will know, I first started writing about Avian or Bird Flu in May, 2005, since then it has spread to more countries, with the latest being the continent of Africa, namely Nigeria just announced, Turkey and Romania where there has been a number of deaths in the last few weeks.
I have also mentioned before that I believe that two of the best things that anyone can do to help themselves, is to ensure that their Immune System is functioning as efficiently as is possible, in other words, using your own preventative system to ward off the virus, and the second thing to do is to say a prayer.
Whether you visit my websites and use the products that I offer to help your immune system, or whether you go somewhere else, that is your choice, but, the important thing is that you do something.
Medical supply companies state that in recent times there has been a huge increase in the sale of surgical masks, about 500%. Please don’t think that they will help you as a normal surgical mask is worn by surgeons and nurses to protect the patient from receiving germs breathed out by medical staff, not to prevent the surgical staff from receiving germs from the patient.
Masks in fact could enhance the spread of flu, because when a mask becomes damp through breathing, it loses nearly all of it efficiency in protecting the wearer from inhaling the germs.
If you touch your mask with your fingers the virus can be spread wherever your fingers go, door knobs, touching your own nose or mouth, or other peoples hands.
Masks that can filter out germs, are usually large and cumbersome, also expensive, and they must have a very secure seal around your nose and mouth, they are a long way from being 100% secure.
The current drugs available, like Tamiflu, might help, once you have the flu, and there is currently no vaccine available, to prevent you from catching the flu, because it can’t be produced until the virus has mutated, that fortunately has not happened yet.
If mutation occurs, the virus will be isolated and then rushed to the three laboratories in the world that is used by the United Nations, World Health Organisation to produce a vaccine to fight, prevent and to overcome any pandemic. These three laboratories are usually the ones used each year to design the anti flu vaccine, that is used worldwide, then it is passed to various manufacturers for mass production.
You should be getting the idea, that if this virus becomes pandemic, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people will die, at this point in time it is still only going from bird to bird and to human and not human to human. Hopefully the virus will not mutate, unfortunately a number of scientists believe that it is not will it mutate, but when.
There is wide concern in Europe, the Governments of countries near to, or bordering with Turkey, are taking numerous precautions to stop the spread, the problem is, how do you prevent birds from flying over the border? birds know nothing about borders or passports and visa’s.
There is without doubt a spread of Bird Flu, as it first started in Asia spreading to adjoining countries by passing from bird to bird, with a few human deaths everywhere that it has been, I feel sure that it will not stop in Turkey, that would be very naive, it will spread to bordering countries, where lots of farm livestock such as chickens will have to be put down, making chicken and eggs more expensive due to short supply.
I will once again emphasise that the important things to do, is to make sure you have an efficient immune system and say a prayer.