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Adjustable air bed mattress, where firmness and softness exist in harmony.

adjustable air bed mattress

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An adjustable air bed mattress comes with the versatility that normal air bed mattresses cannot give to you. Adjustable air bed mattress are getting wildly popular among the current users of air bed mattresses. This is due to its added features and benefit which normal air bed mattress don’t have.
A normal air bed mattress needs to be fully inflated to work properly and it pales in comparison to the adjustable air bed mattress when you discover that the adjustable air bed mattress can actually be adjusted to fit your body’s comfort preference of firmness, contour and elasticity and it is a bed that can be adjusted to a number of different positions. When shopping for an adjustable air bed mattress, try to look for one with the following features.
Your adjustable air bed mattress should include a separate hand-held firmness controls for each side of the air bed. That’s because at the touch of a button, each different sleeper can adjust their side of the air mattress to any level of luxury firmness. Firmness range from extra firm to featherbed soft, all without any effect to the other side of the air mattress. This is because you want an adjustable air bed mattress that comes with each air bed control, that is connected directly to its separate inflator pump by a small flexible cord. This allows the controls to always be available when needed and eliminates the chance of misplacing the control.
If you decide to get one, then head on to elixa.com and check out your choices and more features before making any purchase. elixa.com is the distributor of Comfortaire adjustable air beds. They provide you with free shipping, and even a 90 day money-back trial.
The best thing of an adjustable air bed mattress so far, is still the fact that it has brought a new level of comfort in the world of sleep. Ordinary inner spring mattresses create uncomfortable pressure points and are not adjustable. The adjustable air bed mattress enables each partner to adjust his or her own individual level of firmness and comfort with the push of a button. This alone can ensure that a couple can now sleep on the same bed but enjoy the firmness of their own preference, without the need for long term compromise. An ingenious product of the bedding industry indeed!