title:Attempting the Multiple Ch
oice Questions (MCQ) in Entrance Exam
author:Anurag Chopra
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09
Like it or not, Multiple Choice Tests formats are now being
universally adapted for testing Student IQ and knowledge in a
particular subject. Students fear multiple Choice exams as some find
it confusing and tricky. Some feel that the questions are deliberately
phrased that the student chooses the incorrect answer. Well, these are
wrong notions. While attempting the MFor the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. CQ’s, we need to relax and
attempt the Test without getting jittery. Here are a few tips that may
be of help while attempting the Multiple Choice Entrance Exams.
1. Read the questions carefully.
2. Always try to guess what the answer is BEFORE you look at the choices.
3. If you are unsure about an answer, eliminate what it CAN’T be. Try
to remember if any of the answers left are related to that subject. Do
you remember seeing that word in the chapter? If you have never heard
of a choice it is probably a distracter. If you can not recognize a
choice then it is probably NOT the answer.
4. After eliminating all other choices, lake a logical guess. At least
you have narrowed down the odds of getting the answer correct.
Remember, the first guess is usually more reliable unless you obtain a
major revelation along the way.
5. If after a few seconds you are still perplexed, mark the question
so you can find it easier later and go on with the test. Sometimes the
answer you’re looking for is given in a different problem. Go back to
that question later.
6. NEVER leave a multiple choice question blank. You have a 20-25%
chance of getting it right by guessing.
ALL-OF-THE-ABOVE QUESTIONS: If 2 or more of the answers are correct,
then the all-of-the-above option is the correct answer, EVEN IF you
are unsure of the third option.
LOOK-ALIKE OPTIONS: Sometimes there are 2 options that are alike
except for one word. Such a pair indicates that the question is
focused there. USUALLY, not always, you can assume the answer is one
of that pair.