title:A Career in Photography
author:Peter Sakes
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09
A career as a photographer opens many different doors for you, and gives you the options for a whole variety of different photography careers. You can work in the world of journalism, big business, science and art. You can decide to run your own business or you can work for a salary.
Many people think of studio photography when they consider a photography career, producing studio portraits and other similar work. However, there are many more options that this. Journalism is a great area of photographers, who can specialize in news photography, or maybe sports photography. Some photographic journalists specialize in magazine photography, recording fashion and the lives of the famous. There is also a very venerable tradition of news photographers who became war correspondents, documenting war and other world crises through the lens.
Photographers can also work in business, documenting processes and events that concern large corporations or working with the publicity and media departments. You can have a photography career as a science photographer, recording visually the effects of research and development, or you can do similar work specialising in medicine. The career options are wide for a professional photographer, making this a popular career.
If you want to be a photographer, you will need to go through an education in order to acquire the skills and knowledge you need to do the job properly. However, you will also need other personal qualities to be a good photographer, including:-
-Artistic ability in order to be able to see the photo opportunities around you.
-An eye for composition, allowing you to create a picture with the right elements in the right place to send the message you wish.
-Attention to detail – it is often the details of a picture that can make it or break it.
-Patience – sometimes you will have to wait for hours, days or even weeks for the right images to arrive.
-Practical abilities to be able to “finish” a photograph using development or digital techniques.
-An ability to be able to read the market for the style and type of photographs that are acceptable and in demand.
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