This article was originally written by Tony Howarth

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What is… Blood Pressure? A free report from
(This article is an extract of the full PDF available at the above URL.)
* What’s wrong with high blood pressure?*
High blood pressure shows doctors what else is happening in your body. Years of experience and research tell doctors that high blood pressure is a sign of other problems including:
Heat Attack
Heart Failure (it doesn’t work as well as it should)
If you can reduce your blood pressure, you can reduce the chances of these problems. There’s a free report at that goes in to more detail about what exactly ‘blood pressure’ is, and what the numbers mean.
*What is _too high?_*
Your doctor will normally set a target, depending upon your own medical history, conditions, etc. If you don’t already have a target set, or have not had problems with your blood pressure, then a good guide is 140/100. If you’re regularly getting a reading above this, see your doctor. An ‘ideal’ target is 120/80.
(See the free report at for a full explanation of the numbers, and what ‘ideal’ means for you.)
* Three fast steps to change your Blood Pressure *
The good news is that if your blood pressure is too high, you can lower it yourself. No medication and no cost needed (to start with)!
1. Exercise helps to improve your blood pressure.
The recommended amount is (at least) 30 min, five days a week. Gentle exercise is fine to start with. Just enough to raise your pulse a little. You don’t have to be a gym-rat to achieve this! (Get for a ‘secret’ way to exercise.)
2. Changing your diet can help your blood pressure.
If you are overweight, decreasing your weight can help. Changing what, and how much you eat can help too. ( can help tell if you’re overweight.)
3. If you drink alcohol, decreasing the amount you drink will improve your blood pressure. ( tells you how much is too much and how to work it all out.)
So now you know what’s too high, why it matters and what to do about it.
Come on over to for the full (free) report and grab yourself an eBook that will improve your health, extend your life (probably!) and save you money too.