This article was originally written by Gregory Boileau

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There are so many diets on the market today it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine which one will do the trick. Well, it’s not a trick you need to be looking for. What you need from any good diet is one that is flexible, sustainable, and workable. Without these you’ll fail. Let’s examine why these fundamentals must be adhered to if you are going to succeed at losing weight.
Imagine getting a craving for a piece of cake or pizza or a doughnut, whatever your trigger food may be, what will you do? If you’re following a rigid diet you’ll most likely forego even the tiniest taste. In fact, you may even deprive yourself of looking at your trigger food. This will cause you to create negative energy within your body. An energy you’ll most likely try to control, beat down, and distract. Imagine the energy you’ll be wasting by not listening to your cravings.
How long can one actually deprive themself of the foods they love? How long can one control every variable of some made up diet before crashing? We all know the answers to these questions if we’ve tried a certain diet and ‘it’ failed. By depriving our self from the food we love we create negative energy. And, by continually trying to control this negative energy we become tired and fatigued. It isn’t long until we give up. The diet has failed us.
Imagine your work day and how stressful it is. Imagine dieting and having cravings. Imagine a mind and body that is being stressed and having to deal with regular everyday tasks as well as negative energy. Do you think this body is following an appropriate diet? Is the diet plan workable?
To ensure that you succeed on your next diet plan you have to understand the fundamentals of a good diet. Most of the top diets today do not offer enough flexibility and therefore are not sustainable. Furthermore, their rigidness increases the chance that you’ll fail. They are in essence, unworkable. If you do not choose a diet that encompasses these elemental notions reviewed you’ll find yourself enmeshed with negative energy. An energy that will defeat you.