Have you ever wondered why, even though more and more people are cutting down on fat that heart disease rates are unchanged, obesity is up, diabetes is up,and new illnesses have appeared out of nowhere?

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Have you ever wondered why, even though more and more people are cutting down on fat that:
1) Heart disease rates are unchanged. People are dying in droves from heart disease. It’s still the No. 1 killer in the U.S.
2) Obesity is up. People are fatter now than ever before (up from one-fourth to one-third of all Americans, in just 10 years).
3) Diabetes incidence is up. The incidence of adult-onset diabetes has tripled in the past 30 years.
4) New illnesses have appeared out of nowhere. People are plagued by mysterious low-grade illnesses like fatigue, food sensitivities, Candida and chronic digestion problems.
Obviously, something is wrong. The low-fat diet doesn’t work. It’s failed to help people lose weight and has contributed to the public’s determined efforts to eliminate all fats from their diets, including beneficial, necessary fats. Only 3 to 5% of dieters on the low-fat programs lose weight and keep it off. Low-fat doesn’t work as a weight loss tool. Without realizing it, people are becoming deficient in essential nutrients, which has lead to a growing epidemic of illness and disease.
The low-fat regimen is an unnatural dietary mistake. If you will stop and think just a little, you will realize that it was very easy for early man to churn cream into butter. How much harder was it to squeeze the oil out of seeds? A lot harder. Just looking at that alone helps you to see that butter was the obvious choice.
A low-fat diet is a high carbohydrate diet. Although fat consumption is considerably down in the U.S., carbohydrate consumption is up by an average of 50 grams a day. Carbohydrates, and only carbohydrates, dangerously increase your body’s secretion of insulin. The overproduction of this hormone is the prime cause of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
With the low-fat diet, you’re banned from natural foods like eggs, meat and cheese and encouraged to fill your plate with refined carbohydrates like rice, pasta, breads and fat-free cakes and cookies. We humans weren’t designed for this kind of diet. Over millions of years of our evolution, we ate meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries. It wasn’t until fairly recently that grains, refined carbohydrates and sugars made up such a large part of our diets.
The “recommended” diet for humans has changed half a dozen times in the last 100 years. There is no reason to believe it won’t change again. That is why it’s essential that you observe the needs of your own body. Don’t rely on whatever school of dietary thought is dominant at the moment. Just think back to the Garden of Eden and realize the kind of diet they had then. Consider how hard it would have been to create many of the foods we eat today. Reason it through and go with the diet that you feel would have been natural to primitive man and you won’t be far off.
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