Job pressure may lead to stress and anxiety. It can weigh you down or make you feel frustrated and angry. Persistent and unrelenting stress and anxiety can lead to serious health and emotional problems. It is important that you recognize the cause in oder to find a cure.

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The entertainment industry, be it in the movies or just in television, is a conglomeration of performing arts and technical knowledge that works round-the-clock. From the executive producer down to the production assistant, from production designer to the prop man, from the make-up artist to the utility boy — one can always find people on-the-go. It can be said that living the Showbiz Lifestyle is fast-paced, with plenty of traveling from one place to another, always meeting a lot of different people. Most people in show business work day and night, usually, without getting enough sleep and rest. Most of the time, they miss being home and seeing family for a period of weeks or months. With all the pressure around the set during shootings or tapings, there is a great tendency to feel stressed after a day’s work.
Stress is anything that causes bodily and mental tension which may lead to anxiety. It can be a situation or a thought that can weigh you down or make you feel frustrated and angry. On the other hand, anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness and apprehension over something that is recognized or unknown.
Stress and anxiety are normal parts of everyday life. Both can motivate an individual to be productive and rise to the challenge of tough situations. However, too much stress and too much anxiety can be harmful and may cause physical, emotional, and psychological problems like infection, heart diseases, and depression. Moreover, what can be stressful to one person may not necessarily be true to the other. Good stress is something that helps a person during emergency situations such as suddenly stepping on the brakes to prevent a car accident. Cramming for exams and meticulously preparing for a wedding can also produce good forms of stress, if a person knows how to handle it well. Stress can help you keep a person up on his or her toes and rise to the occasion. However, when this persists on a long-term basis, it will cause emotional and health problems.
One type of stress is job stress. Occupational pressure and fear may lead to burn out and serious health and emotional problems. Some of the reasons why people get job stress are being overworked. Some people are required to work extended hours or overtime. In the case of those who work in TV and film productions, there are times when shootings and tapings would go on until past midnight and wrap up the next day. Some people even bring their work at home which can add more stress as it is already time to be spent for home and family matters.
Another cause of job stress is conflict with officemates or even with the boss. Situations like this can affect a worker’s performance as well as cause relationship problems at the workplace. Being in the wrong career can also cause stress and anxiety which leads to lack of enthusiasm, job dissatisfaction, and burn-out.
Persistent and unrelenting stress can lead to anxiety disorders and unhealthy behaviors. Watch out for the following symptoms of anxiety: twitching, trembling, muscle tension, sweating, dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, abdominal pain, over-eating, abuse of alcohol and drugs, dizziness, rapid or irregular heartbeat, rapid breathing, diarrhea, frequent need to urinate, fatigue, irritability, loss of temper, sleeping problems, lack of concentration, and sexual problems.
It is important that you recognize the cause of stress in order to find a cure. Find out what specific things, behaviors, or situations make you worried or anxious. Then, talk about it with a friend or someone whom you feel you can trust. Sometimes, this is all that is needed to relieve stress and anxiety. Get involved with support groups or get in touch with trained counselors via hotlines offering advice on how to deal with the problem of stress and anxiety. Always consult medical professionals and healthcare providers as to what kind of therapies and medications are available for helping deal with stress and anxiety.