This article was originally written by Emmanuel SEGUI

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Your health is your responsability. As a human being, you have the choice to put in your stomach whatever you want. It is YOU and only you that can choose what you want or not to eat. In other words, it is YOU who chooses to be slim and fit or not. That is your choice. You need to take 100% responsability of the way you eat. That’s the beginning of your success.
Now, you’ll say: “I can’t, it is stronger than me” or “look at this cake, I can’t leave it alone. It needs to be eaten.” or “It is so good, another one please!”. The question is: “Why do you eat?” Is it for pleasure or for fuel? After all, food is just food, but the emotion we attach to food is so strong that we tend to eat for pleasure or for an emotional reward.
When you eat junk food, subconsciously you say YES! to it. Let’s learn another word: NO! Most of us said, “No!” quite well when we were two and we have grown up to be people pleasers and say “YES!” all the time. Most of us believe that saying “No” can cost us a lot in our adult life.
NO! is a powerful word when said at appropriate moments. One of the best moments to say that powerful NO is when you want to eat junk food. Dr. Bob Bodenhamer, co-developer of neuro-semantics said, “All change in essence boils down to saying ‘No’ to what you don’t want and ‘Yes’ to what you do want.”
If this statement is correct, each time that you say YES to junk food, you say, subconsciously of course “I want to be fat and don’t want to be slim and fit” even if consciously you really want to be healthy and full of energy.
Words are power and your language is a representation of your map. Let’s add some choice to your map. The more choices you have, the more success you will have.
Therefore, let’s learn or re-learn to say this powerful NO! The results of saying NO to certain foods are: you will have a sense of control over your own body (you don’t want to be controlled by it, don’t you?), you will feel more confident, more self-esteem and eventually you will feel at peace. It will reinforce your belief that you need to take 100% responsibility for your own health and nobody will do it for you
First, get a good strong representation of saying “No!” to something. It doesn’t need to be related to food. You will want to make sure that your No looks, sounds, and feels congruent and that it truly fits with your beliefs and values.
Second, to reinforce this powerful NO, find 4 other situations where you said NO!. It can be as simple “NO, it’s too late to go out now”. The most important is that it needs to be congruent. If you are a 100% people pleasers and can’t find any NO! situations, think of what it would be, how you would feel and what you would hear if you had the courage to say NO! to something or someone. This is this kind of NO! that you need.
Third, Say No! to the junk food. Re-access the “it’s stronger than me” feeling and once you have it, say No! Do it congruently, intensely, and repeatedly. And you can keep on saying No! until you begin to feel that it no longer has any power to run your programs. Notice how the feeling diminish and how the desire for the food is far and disappearing. To finish, picture yourself already slim and fit. You already know it’s not hard to do it. Now, say a big “YES! That’s what I want!”
As you know, you have the power of saying NO! Everybody does. But we are trapped with some limited old thinking that eating is for a reward or for pleasure. We are conditioned to eat for false reasons. When you keep repeating this pattern, you break some old belief and it comforts you: you can change, you can do it, can’t you?