Home is a sanctuary. It is the place we go to escape from the rest of the world and all of its troubles. Many hard working people prolong their trip home to stop off at the local bar and have a drink. Imagine, instead of stopping by the bar for a nice drink, if it were possible to just head home to a bar in your basement and have a nice cold draft beer. More and more people are beginning to build their own home bars.

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The approach many people take to home bars is as varied as the people building them. There are many ways to acquire a home bar. Some choose to build one from scratch, while others find it much easier and more attractive to buy pre-made bar cabinetry.

For the crafty, a self-made bar can save considerable amounts of money and can provide an amazing sense of accomplish. Any amount of home improvement can improve the value or a home and the satisfaction of the knowing the quality of the construction.

While an individually crafted bar can bring a sense of uniqueness to a home, few people are truly handy enough to build their own homebar. There are numerous companies that specialize in constructing home bars.

Many antique dealers have antique bars or contacts to track them down. While the antique home bars are not cheap, their quality is usually superb and the fine details are generally superior.


Entertaining becomes a breeze when handling a thirsty crowd can be easily managed with the right equipment. Aside from providing guests with a central point to get their drinks, a home bar can be quite a discussion point.

People often have regular haunts that go to for drinks, because they are comfortable in the environment. They like having people they recognize and a bartender who remembers all of their favorite drinks. Frazier, Norm and Cliff can certainly attest to that. Being a regular provides one with a certain amount of comfort and familiarity.

Being a regular at a friend’s house can be even more comforting, enjoyable, and less expensive. Sitting around having a few beers with people whose company you have grown to depend on, can be one of the most pleasant experiences possible. For those who like to entertain, having a bar that their friends enjoy using can provide years of entertainment and friendship.

A holiday party or family gathering can be a true test for even the most committed of entertainers. Renting a location can be a nice way to alleviate the stress of finding room to successfully entertain so many. However, it can be difficult to throw a party in a place that is unfamiliar and new.

The most significant aspect of successfully entertaining is making sure that everyone feels comfortable. If the host is uneasy, the guests will be too. Having a home bar takes care of the comfort factor.

One does not typically install a home bar in a small room. Providing plenty of space both for the bar itself and for its patrons to be able to move around are vital to the enjoyment of any home bar setting.

Home bars are not cheap installments. Some can cost thousands of dollars. Being absolutely certain that one can fit in a home is important to making sure that one does not buy an oversized unit.

Home Bar Styles

A realistic expectation of how a bar fits in a home is the best knowledge to have available when shopping. Obviously, money helps as well.

There are many styles of homebars available on the market. From antique to modernist styles, finding the right bar for any home requires nothing more than time and desire.

Fully installed bars that cover entire wall can be a popular selection for those who like to make grand impressions. For those more concerned with modest pieces, there are a wide variety of minimalist bars.

The benefits to both styles of bars are easy to see, but the best selection will depend entirely on how the owner intends on utilizing his or her home bar setup. Many small bars take up a reasonable amount of space and provide the added benefit for being easily transported, making them perfect for hosting outdoor parties. While larger bars are transfixed, they do provide more of a neighborhood bar feel.

In Conclusion

Finding the right home bar to meet your needs and desires will depend on how you actually plan to use it. If you generally have a small group of regular friends over, a small home bar might be the perfect decision. If you often host large soirees then a large, fixed bar might provide the perfect touch of elegance that your events have been missing.

No matter what your reason for wanting a home bar, having one can be great fun for any one who enjoys drinking or simply having a place to hang out with friends. Even if you are only serving Pepsi Cola or coffee, people enjoy the comfortable element that a home bar can add to any room.